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Haz & Miloux - "What U Do"

"What U Do" is a laid-back neo-soul track that explores the complexities of relationships, both romantic and platonic. The song was written by Haz & Miloux, with a feature from Tāmaki Makaurau artist Diggy Dupé who provides deeper perspective to Miloux's lyrics. The track is the follow-up to their first single "Three" from their upcoming EP "Brunette." Haz & Miloux are an Australian-born singer/songwriter/producer and a multi-talented Tāmaki Makaurau artist respectively, who create music that is a blend of neo-soul and R&B. The song is moody, introspective, and explores the darker side of relationships. Haz & Miloux are set to perform live at the Morningside Live Block Party and Ori' 23 in Dunedin.


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