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Hawk Jupiter "Cut and Run"

Hawk Jupiter is a music producer-songwriter from Ireland who takes inspiration from a diverse and eclectic range of producers across electronic and R&B including Audio Bullys, Thom Yorke, Bat for Lashes and Roisin Murphy . ‘Cut and Run' is set to be his fifth single release. Previously, his songs have gained airplay in Ireland however he remains relatively unknown outside of Ireland. The lyrics for Cut & Run came to me after hearing countless stories of domestic violence, coercive control and abusive relationships in the media and also witnessing stories from friends in real-life. It was born out of a place of empathy, wherein I imagined what it was like to be in a situation like that. When it comes down to a good producer making good music and not just beats, its a talent to find and pick the right talent to be featured on your work. After all, that is what makes a producer different from just the regular beat maker. The single is loud, competetive, and mixed lusciously, take a listen below and see for yourself.


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