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Haruka Salt x Bohan Phoenix x Tony G - “Papajam”

Brooklyn-based DJ and producer Haruka Salt is known for her distinct blend of techno, house, and hip-hop. She has been gaining recognition for her unique sound and has been featured on prominent music blogs and playlists.

Haruka Salt is joined by Sorry Records co-founder and producer/DJ Tony G on their latest single “Papajam”. Tony G is a respected figure in the Brooklyn music scene and has been recognized for his contribution to the underground dance music scene.

Rapper Bohan Phoenix rounds out the collaboration, bringing his unique blend of Mandarin and English lyrics to the track. Known for his genre-defying sound, Bohan Phoenix adds an exciting dimension to the already dynamic track.

“Papajam” showcases the talent of these three artists and their ability to blend various musical styles into a cohesive and exciting track. Released through toucan sounds record label, this collaboration is sure to turn heads and have fans eagerly awaiting future releases from these talented musicians.


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