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HART - "They Say"

HART is an R&B artist based in Calgary, Alberta, who draws inspiration from his own life experiences and relationships to create music that delves deeply into the soul. Born of Trinidadian, Scottish and Polish descent, he grew up with diverse musical influences, largely shaped by his father, a soca percussionist in Trinidad & Tobago. He creates music under his self-owned imprint, Lovesick Music, and refers to his fans as the Lovesick Squad.

His latest single, "They Say," is about the pressures life and love can put on individuals, and the importance of having someone who cares. He aims to capture his emotions in his versatile and soulful music. HART's forthcoming project, "Lovesick Diaries Vol.1," promises to delve further into themes of heartbreak, commitment, and desire. It is expected to be released by the end of 2023.


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