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Haris Parc Introduces A Beautiful Track "See Right Thru"

Haris Parc is an seventeen year old uprising artist from Houston, TX. His latest and first album "Dream Sequence" is a look into his mind while being in love, confused, and miserable. His latest album fuses elements of Alternative R&B, Dream Pop, and Alternative Hip-Hop. You're guaranteed to find at least one thing you like about him and his unique sound. Haris Parc has also been placed onto multiple Spotify editorial playlist such as "Fresh Finds" and "Fresh Finds: Indie", he has also been contacted by indie labels and magazines such as Relix, and has been featured on numerous YouTube channels with one having 12k subscribes and another having 620k+ subscribes.

In his latest track "See Right Thru" when you first listen to the track it starts of with what sounds like a guitar leading onto his sweet and captivating vocals. When listening to the whole track you can feel the nostalgic feeling this track projects. It explains a story of how he wants to experience his life with a girl and explains he can "See Right Thru" her. It's such a heartfelt felt track, anyone would to be able to relate. My favorite part would have to be toward the end of the song where he adds a saxophone instrumental, it completes the track fully. Having variations of different instruments throughout the song is what makes this track a fun and livid feel to whoever listens to it.

Haris Parc is such a talented and creative artist. Having multiple singles and his first album,he is definitely working up his discography up to excellence. You wouldn't want to be the last person to know who this artist is. His captivating sound, his bold vocals and overall production he does. It becomes a necessity to listen to this artist. His music is so great and relatable. Haris Parc is going nowhere but up. Make sure to check out all of his discography, just with one listen to one of his track, you will fall in love.



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