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Hana Lili - "Small Talk"

Welsh singer-songwriter Hana Lili is making waves in the world of alt-pop, blending modernist influences with a touch of '90s indie and grunge. Her musical journey began with her first two EPs, 'Flowers Die In The Summer' and 'Existential,' which set her on a path to success. With extensive support from Radio 1, performances alongside Coldplay at two stadium shows, and a high-profile opening slot for Tom Grennan, Hana Lili is firmly on the rise.

Her latest single, 'Small Talk,' serves as an anthem for those who battle with overthinking and self-doubt. Through her soft and elegantly enunciated vocals, she skillfully articulates the whirlwind of emotions that accompany the feeling of not fitting in. The lyrics, which touch on self-doubt, resonate deeply as she sings, "It's easier to stay in the shallows 'cos I'd drown in the ocean, lie awake in bed regretting every word that I've spoken." Musically, she draws inspiration from artists like No Doubt, The Cardigans, and Fleetwood Mac.

In Hana's words, "I wrote Small Talk because I realized it was something I find difficult sometimes. Small Talk is a song about hiding behind small talk in conversation to avoid being vulnerable. Hana's authenticity shines through in all her music. Her lyrics feel like an inner monologue exposed to the world, offering honest and candid reflections on universal experiences young people go through. Listen below now.


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