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Halle Dot Introducing A Heartfelt Track With Her Latest Single "Here With You"

Halle Dot is an emerging songstress who began writing music on her rural family farm out in the Gold Coast Hinterlands. Wearing her heart out on her sleeve and sharing her life experience's through an emotion lens, Halle creates a raw and honest theme throughout her songs. Her sound blends elements of Classical RnB, Pop and Soul, taking inspirations from the likes of The Internet, SAYGRACE and Alicia Keys. She is a bold and sassy alternative R&B artist who has been continuously working on her craft. Since releasing 3 singles independently and 2 music video's (which she recorded and edited in quarantine herself), Halle shows a more vulnerable side with her latest single "Here With You".

With her newest release "Here With You" Halle explores the ups and downs of a relationship. It’s inspired by going through a rough patch with someone, but not wanting to give up. It’s about healing old wounds, and rejecting old, bad habits. It's about hope. Starting the track with a slow beat leading onto her sweet and soft vocals, Halle takes this track to more of a sentimental and heartfelt feel. When you listen closely to the track it has that very ambient mood that anyone listening would enjoy. It's a beautiful track worth listening, the Amazing production and soft vocals really completes the track fully. It's nostalgic, sweet, and soft. Go stream "Here With You".






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