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Haawa Stuns With "Love You Now"

Harlem's rising star Haawa made waves with her debut single, "Recalibrate". Now Haawa's icy vocals are back with her latest release, "Love You Now", produced by the indelible Bartees Strange. Haawa continues to impress and define a sound all her own on "Love You Now" An undulating guitar line rests beneath her languid vocals, cementing the dreamy vibes. This is offset by skittering beats and haunting atmospherics. "Love You Now" is bewitching in nature, a modern day siren call put out by Haawa to those who think they know her just because they can see her from shore. Haawa says "This song is about being unapologetic in our desires and whole heartedly pursuing the things we want. Her new single "Love You Now" is very reminiscent to early Lykkle Li, Grimes in some parts and Doja Cat do I say it with her luscious vocals that instantly takes you in another world and puts you directly into a trance. The smokey instrumental surely helps with bringing the track to this certain atmosphere of frequencies and vibrations. Haawa is an artist that we definitely hope to hear more of, listen below and see what we mean.


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