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GrvyDe$h With "Max!"

"MAX is a song I put a lot of effort into. From mixing, mastering, revising, getting a video done, cover art and etc. I enjoyed the energy I was able to draft. Loved playing with the tempos between my flow and the beat here! It was pretty alarming in a sense and I love when beats give you the depth to be radical for the listeners. I wrote the lyrics in a fashion that would crescendo with the beat as it picked up, also giving the ears a climatic feel. And not to mention, some parts where you could sing more of the lyrics, like "BASS!, to the max... me and my baby, me and my baby, going to the back!" Written this way to ensure listeners could take something from the song and memorize it." Tells us the rapper. The single is reminiscent to artists on Ysl like Gunna, and Lil Keed. The artist still has room for improvement but its simply astonishing how captivating the single is and also how it gets stuck in your head. The hook is something that you simply can't get out of your head, I truly imagined watching the artist live when I listened to the single the first time and got up and enjoyed on my speakers. Take a listen below.


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