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Grimez - "Why I'm Here"

Diving into the soundscape of Sunset Drip Records' freshest face, Grimez, is like embarking on an auditory journey. With his premiere single, "Why I'm Here," Grimez makes an entrance that’s impossible to ignore, offering a glimpse into his upcoming album. The track, a blend of Electro Pop, Bedroom, and Lo-fi Pop, infused with shades of Indie Electronic, unfolds as a simple yet profound electronic composition, amplified by vocals that seem to melt the mind, all enveloped by an insistent rhythmic pulse.

Behind the pseudonym Grimez stands the polymath Mitch Grimes, whose talents extend across multiple realms: a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and wordsmith rooted in the San Francisco Bay Area. Grimez's artistic compass defies simple genre categorizations; he unites funk, rock, electronic beats, bluesy undertones, and psychedelic hues into an intricate fusion style that's as experimental as it is captivating.

Having previously led and contributed to several musical ensembles, Grimez has now turned his focus inward, crafting solo works where he wears all the hats - from recording to production to mixing. "Why I'm Here" serves as a mesmerizing testament to his solo ambitions, each sonic layer adding depth to the narrative he weaves. Grimez's debut beckons us into an enigmatic universe where genres blend, emotions sway, and creativity reigns supreme. Keep an ear out for Grimez's upcoming album; it's poised to be a remarkable expedition through the mind of a musical visionary.


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