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Griffo & Lord - "One With the Gun"

Introducing a new duo on our radar, Griffo & Lord. Matt Griffo and Jason Lord met in Chicago while writing a musical. Finding ease in their musical partnership, they embarked on an experiment: a concept album of "fake collaborations" created by randomly drawing names of musical artists out of a hat, two at a time, and writing/recording what they'd imagine a collaboration between those two artists would sound like. The single starts off with drums almost the feel very similar to Steve Lacy or Toro Y Moi this time. We think the instrumental starts off as a smooth late 60's, early 70's influenced single that you would imagine hearing in a Quentin Tarintino film we think deeply. The vocals soon creep in after and we instantly become in love and the vocals confirm relaxation to us. Later, during the breakdowns and advancements of the single more elements are added like guitar and luscious strings. Listen below.


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