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Green Garry "Aging Moon"

Los Angeles Filipino-American artist Green Gerry crafts tin-can artful pop. Utilizing an impressive blend of psychedelic romance and bold experimentation, he creates an

effortless sound best described as “sun bleached bizarro.” “Aging Moon”, the second and final leading single from Los Angeles based Filipino artist Green Gerry’s eighth studio album, Pigeon Fix (11/24), evokes a simpler and far more charming version of John Maus. One that taps into the beautiful weirdness behind DIY Lo-Fi recording, coupled with Pavement-esque guitar licks and R Stevie Moore production. It’s not a weakness, but a total strength that continues to set this brilliantly and underrated musician apart. The newest single is definitely a soft and early Tame Impala song with what sounds like a violin bass providing structure for the single, the vocal effects with the radio voice provides a flavor of definite indie here, take a listen below.



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