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Graham Lake x Bankrol Hayden - "This ain't love"

Introducing Graham Lake and Bankrol Hayden's latest track, "This ain't love". Dropping through Universal Music AB, this tune blends the best of RapCloud Hop and Emo Hip-Hop with a twist of Pop Rap in a good way we think, it's radio ready but not so commercial and bubble gum here. Graham Lake, hailing from Stockholm, brings his multi-instrumental talents to the forefront, creating a track that's not just a song but a vibe we think, a three-minute escape into a world of feel-good energy and stress-free living.

Graham's vision for this track is all about bringing joy and confidence to the listener, and he does so succesfully to us we think. It's a departure from his usual full-on pop releases, marking a new chapter in his musical journey. The song radiates happiness and energy, a real testament to Graham's love for blending old music with new elements, creating something truly unique. We think he's on a mission to show that his sound transcends genres and is for everyone. With each release, specifically this one so far, he's pushing boundaries, exploring new territories in pop, and proving that innovation in music is limitless. Listen now and see what we mean.


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