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Good Peach Introduces Himself with "So Weird"

Introducing Good Peach with "So Weird". Good Peach is a Producer, Writer and Singer that works out of his home studio, "So Weird" is the first release from the project "So Weird". This song is written about the past year of his life as he tells us, making big changes in order to move forward and grow as well as the challenges one faces when going through a pandemic. He is self taught and definitely creating a sound that is unique from other people. I couldn't put my finger on who the artist sounds like because of his uniqueness, that's always great. His vocals are so nicely mixed with the vocals being dry in the beginning to sound personal and then later adding elements of effects like chorus effects, luscious falsetto vocals, and an insane drop around the ending at 3:00 for an outro to remember. The instrumental almost reminds me of a bubble gum rap single and the artist adds foley sounds it seems like which adds texture a lot like a Phineas record. This is plain and simple and artist that you keep your eye on, Listen to "So Weird" now.



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