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Introducing Golden Vessel with "LittleBitWild" Ft. MallRat

Golden Vessel is an artist that's been on my radar for a few months. His voice is just so unique and awesome, I love his look as well, In fact on his looks alone, although you're not supposed to judge a book by it's cover, I thought the artist would have a higher, polished voice than his warm, lovely deeper vocals. Golden Vessel is also an amazing producer, playing instruments and manipulating samples. The record also features artist MallRat who did the record justice with her luscious vocals. Golden Vessel to me seems to be making music currently that's perfect for road trips or to just comfort you when alone with his warm blanket of a voice. I fell in love with Golden Vessel after hearing "midwest" just recently and I have a feeling that I won't miss out on any future releases any time soon. I'm also a big fan of him engineering himself, he has the capability to lock himself in a room and deliver amazin quality content, his visuals also differentiate himself from the others. Easily one of my favorite new artists, Take a listen now!






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