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Goldboy & Schwartz - Mission To Kill

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

New duo Goldboy & Schwartz formed in 2020 in New York City, a music collaboration project of Dan Kolpin (Goldboy) and Caleb Madison (Schwartz). This is their second single as a duo, some call it hynogagic pop, but it's basically an upbeat tune with dark lyrics inspired by early 80s new wave. The single starts off with a vaporwave feel of low altered vocals of the singer in the duo. Then slowly but surely the vocal opens up to the vocalists true vocal. It's very reminiscent here to John Maus, it reminded me almost to the first time listening to "Cop Killer", especially during the "I'm on a mission" part of what sounds like the hook. The group is new but we hope to hear more as they release new music and gain more experience, listen below.


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