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GoGo Penguin - "The Antidote Is In the Poison"

Introducing GoGo Penguin with the latest single "The Antidote Is In the Poison". GoGo Penguin's "The Antidote Is In the Poison" is especially notable for placing a new invention centre stage, the ‘Palm Mute Pedal’, developed by Danish pianist, Otto Sammy. This custom pedal allows Illingworth to mute and effect the sound of the strings live as he plays, offering a new sound palette for the band by giving the acoustic piano an almost electronic effect. The single to us is one that is extremely loyal to the jazz sound we think. From the piano, to the walking bass, we get alot of color within the instrumental here and it shows big time. The musicians just have talent within the record, delivering authenticity to this caliber is just difficult. Yet it is done within the record, listen below for yourself to see exactly what we mean.


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