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Glou-Glou - "Let That Go"

Diving into the ethereal soundscape of contemporary R&B, Glou-Glou's latest single "Let That Go" is a musical journey that lifts the listener into the clouds of smooth and colorful melodies. The intricate vocal samples integrated within the single add an extra layer of auditory delight, making it a true gem in the realm of alternative and indie R&B.

Behind the evocative pseudonym Glou-Glou stands Cam Hovsepian, a versatile artist who wears multiple hats - a multi-instrumentalist, a producer, and even a winemaker. If Cam's name sounds familiar, you might recall him from his previous venture, mAsis, which achieved significant success with over 10 million streams on Spotify. Garnering recognition from respected platforms such as KCRW, The BBC, The Fader, and Nylon, Cam's entrancing vocals were described by Nylon as possessing "the allure of sinister, shimmering melancholy."

In his latest artistic incarnation, Glou-Glou, Cam draws inspiration from his family's winemaking heritage, which is reflected in the project's name, a playful nod to the sound wine makes when poured. Building on his past achievements, Glou-Glou's music is as smooth and captivating as the natural wines he crafts. For this project, Cam cites musical luminaries like Bill Withers, Sade, Charlotte Day Wilson, and Paul McCartney as his major influences, and this influence shines through in the velvety yet dynamic soundscapes he creates.

"Let That Go" is a contemporary R&B masterpiece that effortlessly captivates with its breezy, relaxed vibe. Cam's crystalline falsetto sets him apart, adding a unique texture to the song. The track's honeyed melodies are expertly balanced, allowing the song's impeccable pop production to take center stage without overshadowing the emotion within the lyrics.

Cam's insight into the creation of "Let That Go" offers a glimpse into its emotional core. The song reflects on the myriad fleeting interactions that can haunt us for days or even weeks, leading to anxiety and anger. Cam envisions this track as the soundtrack his mind would play to combat these negative emotions - a therapeutic musical antidote that resonates with anyone who has struggled with such feelings.

Glou-Glou's "Let That Go" is not just a song; it's a sonic testament to Cam Hovsepian's perseverance, musical prowess, and his ability to weave emotions into melodies. This single is a testament to his unique artistic vision and a harbinger of even more soul-stirring music to come. Listen below now and relax.


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