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Gloomer - "One More Time"

Gloomer, the new solo project from Los Angeles-based producer Elliott Kozel, has released their fourth single "One More Time". Known for his production work for artists such as Jean Dawson, Yves Tumor, and Corbin (formerly known as Spooky Black), Kozel has stepped out on his own with his lo-fi, experimental rock project Gloomer.

With high BPMs and a combination of glitched-out vocal samples, gooey fuzz guitars, and drum and bass elements, Gloomer's sound lands somewhere between the sullen songwriting of Elliott Smith and the wall-of-sound guitars of My Bloody Valentine. "One More Time" is a song about trying to help drug addicts and the weight of constantly caring for another person. Kozel combines Connan Mockasin jazz chords with Prodigy-like breakbeats and psyche rock guitars for a unique and refreshing sound.

Kozel's use of a whammy bar on his Stratocaster during the guitar solo at the end of the song adds an extra layer of depth and emotion to the track. His inspiration from Jai Paul's unhinged sampling techniques is evident in the surprising changes and combinations of sounds throughout the song.

With "One More Time", Gloomer continues to impress and showcase their unique sound and style. Keep an eye out for more from this talented artist in the future.


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