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Givenchy Bandz - "Trust Issues"

Introducing Givenchy Bandz today with his latest single "Trust Issues". Givenchy Bandz is an artist out of the mid west, and someone who is new on our radar. What made us gravitate towards writing this today was more than just one thing. When listening to the new single, its absolutely infectious, and the artists writing sets the pace for the single to be fun, and full of movement. The artist is very reminiscent to Big Baby Gucci, and Lil Durk we think this time. When it comes down to the bars the artist has you covered with back to back lyricism and play on words. While the artist is mysterious and not much is known about him, just enough is known about him thorugh the music. We think Givenchy Bandz has what it takes to become a star of the future. Listen below.


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