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Get To Know - "36 Degrees"

Get To Know's "36 Degrees" is a musical journey that speaks volumes without uttering a single word. This instrumental piece radiates a sense of familiarity, invoking memories of artists like Kaytranada. The cleverly sidechained drum beats create an irresistible groove that urges your head to bop in rhythmic unison.

The instrumental arrangement itself feels like a sonic hug - warm and inviting. It has the power to serenade your mornings and soothe your nights. The fusion of Funk and Disco elements in "36 Degrees" gives birth to a musical oasis that's both energetic and sexy. It's a testament to Get To Know's ability to craft compositions that not only make you move but also stir emotions.

Drawing comparisons to artists like Birdee, 5 Reasons, Dave Leatherman, LUXXURY, and Ken@Work, Get To Know masterfully captures the essence of a sweaty, sun-drenched slice of Soul. This auditory creation feels like the love child of Kaytranada and Jungle, reimagining 90s RnB with a modern twist. The result is a musical experience that's both nostalgic and contemporary, a perfect fusion of old-school charm and cutting-edge creativity.

The origins of Get To Know are as intriguing as the music itself. The project began as an outcome of an armed robbery incident that led Larry Holcombe to invest his insurance money in a basic studio setup. This investment took him on a musical odyssey across genres like Breaks, Drum and Bass, and Dubstep, performing at iconic venues and events worldwide. Yet, amidst this success, a realization was brewing within Larry – a growing disconnect from the tougher edge of club music.

This introspection led to an artistic reinvention. Inspired by a sun-soaked Glastonbury festival experience, Larry embarked on a journey to explore the intersection of Disco, Soul, and Boogie. The result was the birth of Get To Know. The project quickly gained traction, with support from notable figures like Annie Mac, Mistajam, and Danny Howard. Releases on prominent labels like Kitsuné, Virgin/EMI, Love and Other, and Warner validated Get To Know's unique sound. Listen below now!


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