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Get The Most Out Of "4 Tonight" By Tome

Tome is an upcoming artist from Manila, Philippines, that is expediently growing his discography with different sounds along the way and with his latest track “4 Tonight” you’ll see why. Tome has always had a love for making music ever since he’s been a little kid. He’s invariably taken his time in producing songs that allow his audience to acknowledge and consume such emotions that he writes throughout his tracks. For Tome, growing up music has given him a shoulder to lean on, music has helped him say the words he can’t think of; It gave him an out to express his feelings weather it was a conflict or just a euphoric feeling.

Tome has continuously been releasing singles that are captivating his audience by a storm and with his latest single "4 Tonight" you would like to wonder what’s next with this artist. “4 Tonight” is Tome’s newest single and I can say he has created a great way of collecting his feelings and injecting them in this particular song. It's a perfect representation of a late-night text “ r u up” type of vibe. Using a mellow beat and including a sullen vocal style is what gives this song a theme of sadness and hopelessness. “4 Tonight” captures the whole essence of R&B while providing a soul feel to the whole song overall.

To Conclude, Tome is one exceptional artist with his track “4 Tonight”. It’s a late-night track necessity to the full extent. His whole discography is definitely something you would like to sit down and listen to; not one track is a miss. Also, make sure to be on the lookout for more of Tome’s release, he’s always making new and groovy tracks.






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