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Get in a mood with Friz & Simone, listen to "Facade"

Fritz & Simone is a duo we've just found, that met in film school. They agreed they wanted to play music together after the wrap of their college thesis films. Thus far they've recorded all of their music on Frit'z bedroom closet, which they of course converted into a studio booth. Their music they state is "a homemade charm that evolves with every release". They're not locked into one genre so we expect to hear diversity from them, and they have yet to play live. They told us that last fall one of them experienced a failed heart ablation and only a few weeks later, the other was in a bad car accident. They actually wrote this song by passing it back and forth to each other, and it reflected how they felt during those events. To me this almost sounded like a young John Mayer singing. It almost sounds like it would've fit into any cult psychological thriller of the 00's. "Fear of living incomplete". Simone delivers perfectly with her lyrics as well, talking about uncertainty in her. This duo is hurt... and i'm here for it, I want to know more.



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