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George McBride Introducing His Groovy Track "Flyin'"

Introducing upcoming artist George McBride is a Singer/Songwriter, born and raised in Toronto, Canada. His influences include Pop, Blues, R&B, Classic/Indie/Alternative Rock and Hip/Hop. George has been working on his craft for some time now projecting amazing tracks for anyone to be able to enjoy. Having around 4 tracks and soon in the future many more, he perfectly has created tracks that will certainly grasp your ears. Following the release of his newest track "Flyin'" he captivates his listeners with a groovy sound that will definitely get your feet moving. Starting the track with a soothing but yet groovy beat leading onto his luscious vocals he completes this track fully. To explain the track further it's about to people in his life (girlfriend, parents, etc) having a belief on how I should live his life, and why music should be a hobby rather than a career… in which he disagrees. This song was tented to motivate people to be themselves unapologetically and to follow their dreams/goals despite people around them trying to steer them in the direction that they think is best. It's a great motivational track for anyone who has been in his position. At times people might have doubts on how someone should pursue life but at the end of the day everyone is entitled to their own decision and how they should live there life. This track would be perfect for a late night drive or just wanting a boost or wanting to listen to something uplifting. Go stream "Flyin'" and check out his discography which is filled with amazing tracks.



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