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Genra With His Upbeat Track "Ride the Waves"

Upcoming artist Genra Born John Gilchrist and raised in North Oakland, Genra has been around music for as long as he can remember. Coming up, his father would always play artists like Stevie Wonder & BeBe & CeCe Winans in the house. By middle school, he’d begin recording his own music on cassette tapes. During sophomore year of high school, Genra started perfecting his craft. A friend gave him a tape with nothing but jazzy boom bap instrumentals. It became the music he started writing to, shaping his style. Growing up in Oakland, people would listen to him rap and sing and often say “you have your own style. It’s like you’re your own genre.” From there, the artist name, Genra took root. Following the release of his newest single "Ride the Waves" he projects a very soothing sound that will certainly capture your ears. Beginning the track with an soft but upbeat energy leading onto his bold and luscious vocals he completes the track entirely. To the production and the vocals he creates a nostalgic atmosphere that will truly get your body moving. Explaining the track further it's about how a few years ago, he was diagnosed with a debilitating disease called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that changed everything about his life." At times, performing normal tasks has felt like a storm". This song captures the emotion he's felt over the years. It's one of the most honest, transparent songs he has released to date. The message is simple: It's better to ride the waves than let them crash over you. The track would fit perfectly for a late night drive or watching the sunset on a beach. Go stream "Ride the Waves" and check out his discography which is filled with outstanding tracks.



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