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Gemz - "Younger"

Introducing "Younger" by Gemz, a tantalizing first glimpse into their upcoming EP, set to redefine the indie electronic landscape. This single, birthed from a voice memo back in 2017, lay dormant in what the duo affectionately calls "The Vault," until it was revisited and brought to life with a new vigor in 2022. The collaborative spirit of Jen and Ted, the creative minds behind Gemz, shines through in this track, blending their unique energies to craft a sound that is both nostalgic and forward-thinking. Really showing that something old to you might be something new to someone else. Drawing comparisons to the likes of CHVRCHES, and Metric, "Younger" stands out as a testament to the power of revisiting and reimagining creative ideas. Ted's vision for the song, inspired by Jen's original voice memo, was to create a sonic experience akin to time traveling, with sounds and textures weaving in and out, creating an infinite loop of auditory bliss we think here. This ambition is palpably felt throughout the track big time, as listeners are invited into a space that feels both expansive and intimately personal. The journey of "Younger" from a mere voice memo to a fully realized single is a story of patience, creativity, and the magic that unfolds when two artists share a unified vision. Jen's initial excitement and subsequent delight at the transformation of her "little gem" into a sprawling soundscape are a testament to the duo's dedication to their craft. The slow, deliberate process of building the song, infused with love and attention to detail, has resulted in a track that is not just heard but experienced. Listen now to see what we mean for yourself.


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