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Garry With Two R's - "Big Thangs Big Change"

Welcoming Garry With Two R's with "Big Thangs Big Change." This tune, also dabbling in the trap hip-hop genre, exudes an unmistakable energy and aggression that's hard to ignore.

"Big Thangs Big Change" isn't just a song; it's a declaration of intent. Garry With Two R's has crafted a musical piece that boldly centers around the pursuit of success, material wealth, and personal growth. The lyrics are a testament to unapologetic ambition, painting a vivid picture of someone relentlessly pushing for greater achievements and a more substantial existence.

The artist, shrouded in a bit of mystery, lets his music do the talking. Garry With Two R's is reminiscent of the early days of Future, emitting an air of confidence and swagger that comes from being secure in one's skin and vision. It's that old-school feel, when artists just did their thing without dwelling on others' opinions, that seems to resonate through his work.

While Garry With Two R's might still be under the radar, "Big Thangs Big Change" speaks volumes about his musical direction and attitude. With its energetic beats and unapologetic lyrics, the track stands as a testament to both personal aspiration and creative determination. So, keep an ear out for more from this artist — there might just be some big thangs and even bigger changes on the horizon. Listen below now!


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