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G-SALIH - "Bouquets" (Freestyle)

Introducing G-SALIH with "Bouquets (Freestyle)," a soulful expedition into the world of conscious hip-hop, as he prepares to unleash his first EP in fact. The track is a sanctuary of lyrical craftsmanship that exists at the intersection of old-school boom bap and modern sensibilities which we love.

Released under Moyne Music, "Bouquets (Freestyle)" takes on a chill mood that serves as a space for self-reflection and relaxed expression. G-SALIH's artistry draws you into an experience similar to that offered by luminaries like J. Cole, Joyner Lucas, Vince Staples, and Kendrick Lamar we think.

A Sudanese-American, G-SALIH started his musical journey at the young age of 14, using writing as a form of self-therapy. Committed to turning his passion into a career by the time he was 20, he has since built an impressive portfolio that includes five singles, two of which have enjoyed significant radio play, and a global fanbase of over 20,000 listeners.

"Bouquets (Freestyle)" is described as a track inspired by J. Cole's smooth narratives, built over a classic boom bap foundation. Listen now.


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