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G. Finesse - “We Gon' Make It”

Today, Columbus-based rapper G. Finesse announces his latest single "We Gon' Make It," the second single from his forthcoming debut LP East Side Pain. The track features an all-star cast of internationally acclaimed musicians.

G. Finesse's music is deeply personal and rooted in his lived experiences growing up on the east side of Columbus. Raised by his grandmother, the rapper began crafting his meticulous flow and lyricism from an early age, influenced by a range of 90s legends including Nas, Biggie, Erykah Badu, The Roots, and D'Angelo.

"We Gon' Make It" showcases G. Finesse's neo-soul-inflected hip-hop style and his talent for raw, honest expression. Be on the lookout for more from this exciting artist and his forthcoming debut LP, and in the meantime, give "We Gon' Make It" a listen and let yourself be drawn into G. Finesse's powerful and personal world.


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