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Fungai - “Full court press”

Fungai is a talented musician who has recently released his latest single "Full Court Press." This track is a hard-hitting drill single that features bar after bar of razor-sharp lyrics and a symphonic beat.

The single's title, "Full Court Press," refers to the well-known basketball defensive maneuver of the same name. For Fungai, it represents his unstoppable pursuit of his dreams. The months of lockdown-induced isolation gave birth to this upbeat track, as well as the biting lyrics that pack a punch.

Fungai's collaboration with longtime friend Mula Phiri adds to the magic of this dynamic track. The artists' outstanding relationship and Producer Naspar's strong incorporation of drill and trap beats all combine to deliver a truly powerful piece.

As one of Melbourne's most exciting underground artists, nicknamed "the people's champ," it's no surprise that local blogs and radio stations are eager to see what Fungai has in store this year. With his effortless flow, sharp lyricism, and purposeful subject matter, Fungai creates a mind-blowing and authentic rhythmic experience that people connect with.

If you're a fan of drill music and hard-hitting beats, then "Full Court Press" by Fungai is a track that will make you feel something!


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