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Freedom Shapes - "Inside The Machine"

Introducing "Inside The Machine" by Freedom Shapes, an instrumental track that dives deep into the realms of computer core synth wave. This unique piece stands out for its edgy soundscapes, creating an experience that is at once intriguing and unsettling at the same time, specifically on the music video side too, it just gives you a feeling you don't often feel. The track evokes feelings that are unusual and at times uneasy, reminiscent of the work of artists like Nero's Day At Disneyland and Doddodo. This theme is not just a flight of fancy for Freedom Shapes but is rooted in extensive personal research, including experiences with salvia divinorum. Although not a trained academic, Freedom Shapes has gathered reputable sources from various global and historical contexts to support this intriguing phenomenon. The track and its underlying concept reflect a millennia-old human experience, suggesting a consistent encounter across different cultures and times. The single really is a blend of music and philosophy, challenging our perceptions and inviting us to consider the more profound aspects of our consciousness and reality. For those who seek music that not only entertains but also provokes thought and explores the unknown, this track is a must-listen. Listen now.


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