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Freddy Jones "WOW, what a toxic interlude"

Freddy Jones is a recording artist based out of Orange County, California. Known in his region for his versatility and songwriting skills, Freddy prides himself in his ability to jump between genres and thrive in a seemingly effortless manner. He has been compared to the likes of The Weeknd, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Tory Lanez, and Drake. His main goal he wishes to achieve is to establish a new status quo within the music industry, setting the standard as being an artist that can do just about any and every genre of music there is. This is an interlude on my upcoming EP titled "FALL". As the title suggests, this song portrays an individual self-reflecting on himself and his current situation, questioning as to whether or not it's the situation itself that's toxic or if its all in his head and it's really him that's the problem. The intro of the interlude has us hypnotized and then when Freddy Jones starts singing it has use hooked, with lines like "You need some help, just not from me" the interlude definitely is toxic in the way of being straight up and honest with the counter part he's singing to in the song. Is it toxic, or is it just honesty? Listen below!



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