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Frau Knotz - "Cellular"

Introducing Frau Knotz's latest single, "Cellular," a unique blend of Synthpop, Commercial music, and Singer-Songwriter elements. This track, marking her third single, stands out as a raw and evocative showcase of her vocal prowess, something that really gets you obsessive here is her vocal, next, mixing acoustic piano with atmospheric elements against a strong analog bassline.

"Cellular" is a drumless track that captures the essence of experimental and sad moods, reminiscent of early Lady Gaga's work we think. Frau Knotz's approach to music is both innovative and introspective, as she seamlessly shifts between electronic experimentation and acoustic textures. The song's haunting production, crafted with ex London-based producer Sam Johnson at Rhythm Ace Studio and mastering engineer Chris Chetland at Kog Studios, relies on piano and analog bass to highlight her vocal performance with newfound purity and detail. We think that the song very strongly and clearly draws inspiration from the basslines of Mick Karn from the British 80s new wave band ‘Japan’ and the eerie dystopia of the Blade Runner soundtrack, creating an evocative soundscape that's both captivating and thought-provoking. "Cellular" features some of Frau Knotz's most vulnerable lyrics, with lines like “there’s a world out there, it lies beneath my thumbs” and “we are all icons on a plastic screen” reflecting her introspective and poignant songwriting. Listen below now.


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