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Franko Elvis With His Groovy Track "In The 80s"

Introducing upcoming artist Franko Elvis Born exactly one month after the Spice Girls’ ground-breaking debut, "Wannabe," hit #1 on the Eurochart Hot 100, Franko Elvis quickly found what he really, really wanted and no, it was not a zigazig ah.  Elvis grew up on the bourbon-soaked sorrow of old Texas country his father preferred, mixed with the clean movement-invoking glitz emerging from the pop radio stations his musically ambivalent mother preferred.  Since aging into a mostly viable adult, Elvis has broadened his musical tastes and influence. His music is the juxtaposition between macho men crooning about the world gettin’'em down and polished pop-stars who seemingly use production and lyricism to reveal as much or as little of themselves and their inspirations as they choose. Franko Elvis wants to make music cloaked in a translucent crystal-studded veil, music that can play in a car full of people you don’t really know, music you could cry to alone on your daily commute home. Following the release of his newest single "In the 80s" he projects a very groovy beat leading onto loud and luscious vocals. It's a really fun living track to just listen at the beach or hanging out with friends. To further explain what the tracks is about it's just living life "In The 80s" and just living that fun lifestyle of what it was like to live around that era. It's a groovy track that you'll certainly enjoy, go stream "In The 80s" and check out his discography which is filled with amazing tracks.



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