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Francesco Yates - "JIMI"

Upcoming artist Francesco Yates is a Toronto pop wunderkind, armed with an armada of bright, zesty, and funky R&B-coated pop melodies designed to get your body gyrating and has been steadfastly perfecting his craft within the confines of his Scarborough home studio. And although he could have easily returned to those heady days when he was 16, leaning on the production talents of those who worked on his Better Be Loved EP—namely Grammy-winner Pharrell Williams (“Happy,” The Neptunes, Britney Spears, Nelly, Daft Punk) or Robin Hannibal (Rhye, Kendrick Lamar)—the 23-year-old has decided to trust his instincts, as evidenced by “Somebody Like You.” The release of “Somebody Like You,” the follow-up to his hit single “Do You Think About Me,” is an irresistible piece of ear candy and a hit with fans throughout Canada. For the very first time, this no-holds-barred, purely unfiltered vision of this prolific, one-man dynamo is free from outside additives. Every instrument, every note, and even his gravity-defying falsetto is 100% Francesco Yates from conception to execution, honed from the time he was signed to a U.S. label deal, at the tender age of 16. Following the release of his newest track "JIMI", he projects a radiant sound that will certainly intrigue your attention. Beginning with sizzling instrumentation leading onto his sweet and catchy vocals he captures the song fully. Explaining the track a bit further it's about catching the attention of this girl that you're attracted to and you try to seduce her to make her yours. To the vocals and production, this single will definitely have you dancing. It would be just great for a late-night drive or hanging out with some friends. Go stream "JIMI".


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