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Flyana Boss - "Nu Nu"

The music industry has been known to be male-dominated, but that's not stopping Flyana Boss, the dynamic hip-hop duo that is quickly rising to fame. Comprised of two best friends, Flyana Boss' music is a mix of alternative hip-hop, packed with infectious beats and power-punching vocals that jab with brazen notes of attitude and unmatched confidence. Their music is energetic, aggressive, and epic, making it impossible not to be caught up in their undeniable talent.

Flyana Boss' latest EP, Boffum, showcases the duo's raw musical genius. The two-song project is triumphant and colorful, representing the duo's growth from two best friends exchanging freestyles over Youtube beats to a bold and audacious career that shines a light on being a woman through witty banter and laugh-out-loud lyricism.

The first song on the EP, "Really Really," is a modern dating anthem that glorifies setting boundaries and vibing on your own. The song urges listeners to love themselves first and not overstay their welcome. It's a tongue-in-cheek act of reclamation that offers an inside glimpse into Flyana Boss' generation.

The second song, "Nu Nu," challenges expectations and surprises people when they least expect it. The duo brags about their unique style, with the lyrics "Mama’s got a brand new bag. Can’t buy this at the store, you could never cop my swag." The track is a testament to Flyana Boss' confidence and ownership of their sexuality.

Flyana Boss hopes that their listeners take away the importance of putting themselves first. In the face of adversity, they always put the shoe on the other foot with a clever comedic dig and a fresh unabashed performance.

Executive produced by Marky Sty, the EP is twinged with exhilarating, dopamine-inducing sonics. Flyana Boss is a fierce duo representing the vagina dynasty. Originally hailing from Detroit and Dallas, these two young women are classically trained musicians who have turned their raw musical genius into a flossy irresistible package that will have you thirsty for more.

Their messaging, witty rhymes, gritty production, impeccable timing, confident expression, and keen pulse on the inner consciousness of the millennial, gen-y, and gen-z put them in the perfect position to take over your entire timeline and playlist.

Flyana Boss' music is for those who aren't afraid to stand out, take risks, and make a statement. They are an inspiration to women in the music industry, showing that you can be unapologetically yourself and still make great music. Keep an eye out for Flyana Boss as they continue to make waves in the hip-hop scene.


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