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Fluo Sobre - "Sinople"

Fluo Sobre's "Sinople" - A Hauntingly Beautiful Instrumental EP That Blends Chillwave and Neo-Classical Elements

Fluo Sobre is a musical project that combines modern electronic sounds with classical elements to create a unique and hauntingly beautiful sound. Their latest EP, "Sinople," is an instrumental work that takes listeners on a journey through a world of melancholy beauty and reflective contemplation.

The EP is anchored by its chillwave and neo-classical influences, combining electronic beats and textures with string arrangements and piano melodies. The overall sound is one of warmth and nostalgia, with an unmistakable nod to the 80s and a Sci-fi Wave aesthetic.

Despite being an instrumental work, "Sinople" is incredibly evocative, with each track conveying a particular mood or emotion. The EP's opening track, "Green Dreams," is a dreamy and melancholic piece that sets the tone for the rest of the album. "Forest Thoughts" has a more lively and upbeat feel, with a driving beat and swirling synths that evoke images of a lush, green forest.

Throughout the EP, Fluo Sobre's sound is accompanied by recycled art and fluid painting visuals. The video and photo elements are created from discarded materials and mixed with acrylic pouring painting, fire, or water elements, adding to the overall aesthetic of the project.

Overall, "Sinople" is a stunning work of instrumental music that blends electronic and classical sounds to create something entirely unique. Fans of Steve Roach, Max Richter, and Orbital will find much to love here, as will anyone who appreciates beautiful and evocative music.


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