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FLOYD WEST22 - “Say What?” (Feel Me)

FLOYD WEST22's latest single "Say What? (Feel Me)" is a standout release from this talented musician, featuring powerful vocals and emotive lyrics that are sure to impress fans of Ariana Grande and pop music in general.

One of the things that makes "Say What? (Feel Me)" stand out is the way it combines FLOYD WEST22's strong vocals with a catchy and infectious beat. The track's upbeat and energetic vibe is sure to get you moving and singing along, and its emotive lyrics are sure to resonate with listeners.

Overall, "Say What? (Feel Me)" is a must-listen for fans of pop music and anyone looking for a catchy and upbeat track to add to their playlist. So why not give FLOYD WEST22 a listen and see what this talented musician has in store?


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