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Floyd Fuji With His Outstanding Track FIGURE 8 [Live Performance Video]

Introducing upcoming artist Floyd Fuji his music produces a healthy amount of nostalgia; a defining factor of all soul/R&B music. However, it goes without saying that Floyd's knack to creatively develop vignettes through his sultry vocal delivery, pop-art like production, and timeless storytelling, develop a photo that's far from fading. After two albums and the success of his previous artist project, Kyle Thornton and The Company, (Kyle being Fuji's born name) the Virginia-native began producing; cultivating his influence of soul, hip hop, indie and psych rock into the soaring guitar riffs, snaking synth lines, and breakbeat soul grooves we hear to date. The release of Floyd's introductory single, "Drama", danced its way to the top of Spotify's Fresh Finds in early 2018. Following the release of "Drama", Fuji has dropped several other tracks, most notably "Mint" which has clocked in over one million streams on Apple Music alone as well as lending his vibes to a handful of features and production credits in the last year. Following the release of his newest single "Figure 8" he projects a very soothing beat that will definitely capture your ears. Starting the track with a slow and soft beat leading onto his luscious and captivating vocals he completes this track fully. To explain the track further it's about enjoying a special moment with a girl you really like, forget about all the negative thoughts and just dance while being interwind with each other. The track would be prefect for a late night drive or just hanging out with your lover. Go stream "Figure 8" and check out his discography which is filled with amazing track.



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