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Flash E Williams - "Really"

Introducing Flash E Williams with "Really", an excellent way to finish the year we think. Written at the start of the pandemic, The single is another track just displaying Flash’s versatility and humor. Produced by DJ Hadouken. The single starts off with an eary pad that gets you feeling like the artist is about to say some serious stuff. When Flash begins to start his lyricism, it confirms that he needed to come with hard bars. The artist delivers and shows proudly that he wears his predecessors on his shoulders, his influences. We think this is for the enjoyers of Meek Mill. If you want to wake up, listen to music in the morning to get ready for work to, inspired, we think this is the perfect single for you and would really reccomend it for anyone. We think Flash E Williams has what it takes to become one of the stars of the future. We'll be looking out for more thats for sure. Listen below.


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