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FJELTHAUS - "Papa Cabana"

Dutch electronic music producer Fjelthaus has released his second single "Papa Cabana," a jackin house track that is sure to get listeners dancing. With a timeless, positive, and energetic vibe, the song combines samples from a 1970s track with the drums of a 2000s house beat to create a party-ready tune. The upbeat rhythm and catchy melody make it difficult not to dance along.

Fjelthaus, whose real name is Timo van Veldhuizen, grew up in a musical family and began experimenting with music at a young age. He started with piano lessons, but eventually shifted his focus to production software and making beats for the local hip hop scene. He honed his skills through trial and error in his bedroom, much to the annoyance of his family.

In 2021, Fjelthaus debuted his first solo single "New Stuff," which marked the beginning of his electronic music career. His style is characterized by creatively sampling soulful tracks from the 70s and 80s and pairing them with uptempo drumbeats and analog synths to create a positive and energetic vibe that pays tribute to the more interesting and genuine decades of music.

"Papa Cabana" showcases Fjelthaus's signature style and is reminiscent of classic dance tracks by artists like Michael Gray, Soulsearcher, Eric Prydz, and Junior Jack. The track was released by Fjelt So Good Records and is a must-listen for anyone looking for happy and energetic music that is sure to get their feet moving.


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