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Fishscale Dizzy - "Big Raw"

Fishscale Dizzy, a talented rapper affiliated with the WeGIFTD label, recently released a captivating track titled "Big Raw." This trap-infused hip-hop single showcases Fishscale Dizzy's energetic flow and ability to create a chill and happy atmosphere. Drawing influences from artists like André 3000, Fishscale Dizzy's music carries a unique vibe that sets him apart.

While not much is known about Fishscale Dizzy beyond his music, his humility shines through in his quote, "Being humble will get you overlooked." It's clear that he lets his rap skills speak for themselves, delivering fine-tuned verses and captivating melodies. Despite the limited information available about the artist, his talent and passion for his craft are evident in his music.

With "Big Raw" released under the WeGIFTD label, Fishscale Dizzy showcases his ability to create trap-infused hip-hop that energizes listeners. The track's blend of energetic beats and chill vibes creates a captivating sonic experience. As an artist in the trap genre, Fishscale Dizzy leaves a lasting impression with his happy and uplifting moods, resonating with fans who appreciate his unique style.


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