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Findlay, 3 AM Introduces A Melancholy Track With Lead Me Down

Introducing upcoming artist Findlay 3 AM who's a 19-year-old vocalist who gained notability in 2019 for his vocal style, lyricism, and production from his bedroom in Ohio. When he was just 16 years old, he recorded his debut single "Diesel", which brought him press in publications such as Yahoo News, The California Herald, and Vents Magazine. After working with rapper Trust'N, CEO of Lost Boy Entertainment, Findlay, 3 AM began to see a massive rise in streams on Spotify and Apple Music alike. Findlay, 3 AM is also currently producing an EP for Kayshawn and is recording with West Point Studios in London who have worked with notable artists such as Adele, Sampha, Kanye West, and Frank Ocean. West Point Producer Margoet Smith is currently producing ground-breaking electronic-pop and dance music with Findlay, 3 AM that is already causing buzz on socials pre-release.

Following his newest release "Lead Me Down" it's surely a captivating track that will have your attention throughout the track. Starting with a melodic beat leading onto his sweet and soft vocals he truly sets an atmosphere to his audience. Just with the start of the track you fully get a grasp of the energy he is trying to portray, To further explain this track it's about going through a hard journey and trying to make the best of it, and just letting the music fill your voids. It's a track that anyone listening will definitely enjoy. Go stream "Lead Me Down" and also go check out his discography that is filled with amazing tracks.





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