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Fika x Fabich With Their Vibrant Track "Missing Me"

Fika is a South London duo that create blends of r&b, soul, jazz and hip-hop. With their music being described as a combination of the styles of Frank Ocean, John Mayer and Tom Misch, they strive to mix great songwriting with soulful music. After releasing a handful of singles over the last 6 months, gaining BBC 1xtra coverage and landing on several Spotify editorial playlists. As well as their first single "Mean" hit nearly hitting 500,000 streams in its first month on Spotify. Fika have recently have been working on their debut EP "Love Stories", co-produced with Fabich coming out throughout the Summer. Fabich is a young London based producer and music addict that has built an extensive repertoire with amazing collaboration such as Janelle Monae, M83, Sander van Doors, Sean Kingston, Shaggy, and more.

"Missing Me" is the duo's second single of their upcoming EP "Love Stories" in partnership with Fabich, one of the most exciting German producer this year. "Missing me" is the first track Fika and Fabich have done together. The song came together after Fabich had a conversation with a girl and he wasn’t sure if she felt the same way, Fika then to sing "Are you feeling the same thing?" Then the rest of the song came really quickly. "Missing Me" Begins with a very vibrant beat, leading onto his luscious vocals, throughout the track you definitely have the feeling to move and just let loose. The amazing production and vocals that the track projects captures the song fully. To explain the track further it's about a girl that he wants to share his life with and if she ends up not feeling the same way she will end up "Missing Me". It's a track that is surely relatable and with it's fun and bold sounds it will certainly resonate with listeners. "Missing Me" is the second single of the joined EP between Fika and Fabich named "Love Stories" that will be released in September.






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