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fiction. Introduces A Sincere Track With "spare room"

Upcoming artists fiction. is a LA producer and songwriter who introduces a fantastic track with his latest single "spare room". Starting the track with a soft and soothing beat leading onto his sweet and capturing vocals. fiction. creates an atmosphere of love and soul. This track is about his lovely girlfriend in which he states they practically do everything together such as "netflix & chill, cook vegan pasta, and have great sex. we play board games from target, have indoor picnics, and fall asleep on beach towels listening to the pacific ocean.". The love they have sounds amazing and projecting this track towards her is what makes this song fully sincere. Anyone listening to this would love the feeling they get from listening to it, it captures a sense of just feeling loved or loving someone else. The vocals, to the production are some of the reasons why this track is worth more than one listen. He captures throughout this track what love truly in the most perfect way. Go stream "spare room"



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