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Federico Gasparini - "Reach me out"

Introducing Federico Gasparini's latest creation, "Reach Me Out," a masterful instrumental track set to say the least. Self releasing, Gasparini plunges us into the depths of Gothic and Dark Wave, ingeniously blended with Post-Punk influences. It's a sonic journey that echoes the legendary vibes of Joy Division and The Cure. Imagine this here, trippy hi-hats and snares that dance on the edge of jazz, creating an offbeat, jazzy rhythm. The beat is post-punk personified and energetic, upbeat, yet carrying an undercurrent of darkness that's characteristic of the genre. "Reach Me Out" isn't just any regular song we think, we personally think it's an experience. Its instrumental nature means no lyrics to guide you, leaving you free to interpret its moody and dark essence in your own way. The track is a chameleon, constantly evolving with a multitude of changes that keep you on your toes. Each turn in the melody brings a new surprise, never letting the energy drop. It’s as if Gasparini is taking us on a rollercoaster ride through the shadows, illuminated only by the vibrant energy of his music. Listen below now to see for yourself.


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