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fakelife With His Spooky Track "bloodred"

Upcoming artist fakelife also known as Couchois started his relationship to music at the age of seven with the saxophone and quickly expanded to the piano when his mom taught him how to play at the age of twelve. After several years of playing drums in various punk and hardcore bands, Couchois eventually picked up the guitar when his dad, a former bandmate to Larry Byrom of Steppenwolf, bought him his first acoustic. In fakelife, Matt has found himself back to basics; writing, producing and mixing all from his bedroom to create a big sound in a small space. Previously a member of the indie rock band, Max and the Moon, Couchois has shared the stage with many artists such as Broods, Tove Lo, The Neighbourhood, and X- Ambassadors with a most recent tour accompanying the Psychedelic Furs. Following the release of his newest single "bloodred", he projects a very captivating track that will definitely intrigue your ears. Beginning with eerie instrumentation leading onto his luscious and soft vocals he completes the track entirely. Explaining the single further it's about how fakelife wanted to portray his love for horror films and pop music all rolled into one. The song is set up like a horror movie. The narrator is a vampire trying to convince his lover to let him make them a vampire as well, albeit for selfish reasons. The sentiment is based on classic images of love but is cloaked in all of his favorite horror tropes and sounds. To the vocals and production, this track will certainly have you dancing. Being just perfect for a late-night drive or blasting at a spooky party. Go stream "bloodred".



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