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Extra! Extra! - “Tokyo”

Extra! Extra!'s latest single "Tokyo" is a high-energy dance track that is sure to get you moving. This octet from the Bay Area is known for their dynamic live shows and cheeky humor, and their debut album "Never Been To A Party" was released in December 2022.

Influenced by the great disco, post-punk, and synth-driven hits of the last 50 years, Extra! Extra! brings a unique sound to the table. "Tokyo" is a standout track off their debut album, and its heavy, synth-driven low-end is sure to get you grooving. According to the band, this song is about transportation and has a dance associated with it in live performances.

Overall, "Tokyo" is a must-listen for fans of dance-rock and anyone looking for a high-energy track to add to their playlist. So why not give Extra! Extra! a listen and see what this talented octet has in store?


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