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Evil Pink Machine Introduce A Funky Track With "Rough Patch"

Introducing an interesting act with "Evil Pink Machine" their a duo who are based in London that feature an electric mix of international musicians on their live performances. While making amazing tracks, An unfortunate event had happen that left a partner of there's left with an elbow injury "Igor Delgado Martin" unable to play guitar for months, making him turn to electronic instruments to create his own musical outlet. Combining electronica, alternative rock and psychedelia through a lo-fi scope, Evil Pink Machine crafts its own unique sound. Following the release of their newest track "Rough Patch" they project an captivating sound that would be enjoyable for anyone listening. Starting the track with a funky beat leading onto their intoxicating and enchanting vocals. Their sound is just something so capturing that you would not be disappointed with this single. As well they tease the viewers with their dark, highly erotic and borderline ridiculous video for their song Rough Patch. Channeling the energy and aesthetics of 80’s icons such as Prince, The Smiths and Soft Cell, Rough Patch is a song about crippling self doubt with a hint of carelessness, topped with extravagant saxophone. Go stream "Rough Patch" and go check out their new album "FUCHSIA" that features this lovely track.



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