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Everthe8 Introduces Himself To Us With His Beautiful Single "Bipolar"

Born amid concrete beaches and rusty palm trees of Ulan-Ude, in the East of Russia. Tall fences of a small town – a country's outsider in terms of wellbeing – have formed the character and taught to sense the big world in a special way. Now, with an eagerness to tell the true stories of real people, Everthe8 is trying to get through to listeners' hearts, meanwhile knocking out doors and windows. Working with big artists (Burak Yeter, Хаски, etc.) and meeting with foreign representatives of the hip-hop community leave hope to be heard all over the world. His newest single "Bipolar" is a beautiful, guitar driven tune. Starting off with what sounds like lofi keys, they instantly get you in a soft and sulky mood. The vocals sound upfront and in your face which we love. Everything sounds clear, during the record other elements are added like backing guitar and variation. Everthe8 also shows us his range in this single with bright yet warm falsetto vocals. The song is interesting to me because it's explicit but laid back, almost seems like he's used to the damaging things in his life. Special artists like this are rare to come about and we truly do hope to hear more, and see more from the artist.



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